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Corey Beiswanger, Employment Specialist

Corey Beiswanger, Employment Specialist
St. Petersburg, FL

Corey Beiswanger is an Employment Specialist in the Tampa/St. Petersburg Area. He is originally from Virginia and graduated from Longwood University, receiving a B.S. Degree in Sociology. As soon as he graduated college, he obtained a case manager position working in human services and has continued with the profession today. Corey enjoys working in employment services as he believes that employment provides people with opportunity, structure, self-confidence, and purpose. He enjoys helping others reach their goals of employment as he has previous experience in supported employment while in Virginia. Corey strongly believes in service and giving back to others who have served. Corey brings this passion to Project: Return to Work, Inc. and is dedicated to helping the clients the company serves in obtaining their personal and professional goals.


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