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Mary Vaughn, Community Partner – Training

 Mary Vaughn, Community Partner – Training

Mary Vaughn
President of Metargy Inc. – Building Connections to Solve Problems www.metargymedia.com
Author of “The Gruntled Employee” www.TheGruntledEmployeeBook.com

Mary volunteered in several capacities at Project:  Return To Work Inc.  (R2W).

With over 35 years of management and consulting experience, Mary has applied her award-winning approach to successfully implement business strategies, improve performance and increase employee morale while working with numerous Fortune 500 clients, U.S. federal government agencies, and a variety of other businesses.

Several of her workgroups have won industry excellence awards and have been featured as outstanding examples at three industry research analyst symposiums.

Mary Vaughn is the author of “The Gruntled Employee” book, a holistic approach to creating success and happiness at work. Mary Vaughn is also the president of Metargy, Inc. which provides the following consulting services: personal coaching, leadership development, relationship management, organizational change, organizational culture, and governance.

Mary lives in Parker, Colo. with her family. She loves her job, hiking, skiing, dancing and board games.



Stefanie Fleisig O’Connor, Outreach & Marketing

Stefanie Fleisig O’Connor, Outreach & Marketing

Stefanie O’Connor, Outreach & Marketing

Stefanie O’Connor, Outreach & Marketing

Stefanie Fleisig O’Connor is a copywriter and marketing consultant who has worked at large corporations and small creative agencies. She has been self-employed as a freelance writer since the birth of her son in 1997. Her key focus has been to convey the features and benefits of emerging software and other technology products to non-technical audiences. Stefanie’s other major interest as a marketing professional has been to help promote non-profit entities in the fields of education and the arts. A long-time volunteer, she spent Saturdays and summers assisting at a Long Island, NY-based recreation program for special needs students throughout her teen years. She also initiated and managed an enrichment program at her children’s elementary school in Connecticut. A graduate of New York University, Stefanie currently lives with her husband, son and daughter near Kalamazoo, MI.

Karen Bordner, Outreach & Marketing

Karen Bordner, Outreach & Marketing

Karen Bordner, Outreach & Marketing

Karen Bordner, Outreach & Marketing

Karen Bordner advises the Board of Directors and represents Return2Work at special events.

Karen Bordner is an award winning sales, and marketing professional to Fortune 100 companies within the music, publishing, e-commerce, and digital media industries.

She is a co-founder and Vice President of the Board of The Special Needs Trust Network, which provides pooled trust options for people with a wide range of disabilities and serves as a Board Member of the Colorado State University Alumni Association. Karen has extensive volunteer experience with The John G. Shedd Aquarium (Chicago), The Underwater Archeology Society of Chicago, and DECA (Denver).

Karen currently brings her 20 years experience to her clients as a sales and marketing strategy consultant in Boulder, Colorado, where she lives with her husband and their two dogs, spending her free time cycling, running, scuba diving and participating in competitive softball. Karen holds an Executive MBA from Colorado State University, an MA from Central Michigan University and a BA from The University of Toledo with honors in Speech Communication, with a focus in Broadcasting, and Cinematic Arts. She holds professional certificates in Project Management and Organizational Leadership.

Chris Buther

Chris Butcher

Technical Support

Shair Schoenweis

Shari Schoenweis, Job Developer

Shari supports R2W as a Registration Clerk and as a Job Developer at multiple Military and Veterans Employment EXPOs.  She helps employers post jobs and recruit matching applicants.  Her activities substantially improve positive outcomes and we are grateful to have her aboard.

Linda Ruiz

Linda Ruiz, Job Developer


Linda Ruiz is a retired highschool teacher who cares deeply about veterans and their families.  She recently joined R2W to help post jobs and connect the dots between applicants and employers to dramatically increase placements.


Jean McIntosh, Employment Specialist

Jean McIntosh, Employment Specialist

Jean McIntosh

Jean McIntosh

Jean McIntosh joined Project:  Return To Work Inc.  (R2W) in 2004 and has served in Florida, New York and Colorado.  She currently works with SSA Ticket To Work clients and supports various military and veteran programs.  Her positive outlook and loyalty to cause make her a valued asset.

Rob Brazell

Rob Brazell testing SGT Logan Jubeck at Camp Williams.


Rob founded Project: Return To Work Inc. (R2W) in 1998 after battling a terminal illness. In 1994 Rob was given a year to live, but he persevered and the experience motivated him to dedicate his life to helping disabled Americans overcome their own disabilities and return to work. Rob is a tireless advocate for vocational rehabilitation programs. Often Rob travels to civilian and military events where he gives motivational speeches and introduces R2W’s services to wounded civilians, soldiers, and their spouses.

At R2W, Rob performs the duties of Chief Executive Officer and has grown R2W from a grassroots startup in Boulder, Colorado to several notable government contracts and prestigious nationwide grants. Rob is continually reaching forward in the rehabilitation process to provide more effective early-intervention services for Americans with disabilities.

Rob’s service to R2W and its clients is part of his own rehabilitation. It took him a long time to return to work full time, but as is the case for many disabled Americans, the outcome was worth it.

After regaining his health, Rob was in a car accident and diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  He was disabled again but refused to give up.  Since the accident, he has been undergoing exciting new rehabilitation therapies while board members and other caring mentors have helped him continue in his role as CEO.  Work tasks are part of his occupational and speech therapies that are giving him hope and meaning in life.

Rob earned his Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineer from the University of Colorado. Prior to R2W, he worked in Corporate America as a successful aerospace engineer.

In his spare time Rob enjoys bicycling, hiking, fishing, canoeing, and ranching.

Derek Cardinell

Derek Cardinell, CTO

Derek Cardinell
Chief Technologist

Derek has volunteered at R2W for several years and has made a number of material contributions.  He leads a team of technical experts managing R2W’s complex systems.  He also develops and conducts staff & volunteer training.   Derek and his team respond on a moments notice day or night.  He is well educated, highly skilled and has an uplifting spirit.  He genuinely cares about wounded warriors and disabled citizens and is a huge asset to R2W.    Download his resume here:  Derek Cardinell Resume

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