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LIVE HELP & Free Career Planning Services

by Jennifer Cohen, R2W Webinar Host.    

Jennifer Cohen, R2W Webinar Host


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Career Planning Services

As a training specialist I am motivated by the opportunity to help others understand and take advantage of learning opportunities that lead to personal growth. R2W is truly focused on creating opportunities for veterans and their spouses, as well as disabled Americans.

My professional focus is on technology in training, and the Career Planning and Exploration Webinar is an excellent way for me to connect and communicate with many of those who qualify for R2W’s services. The Webinar is designed to guide attendees through the career profiling process and to help attendees link their work preferences to available jobs.

Some of the benefits of the Career Planning and Exploration Webinar include:


  1. Learning how to navigate R2W’s jobs list.
  2. Creating a work profile for job applications.
  3. Developing an understanding of your work preferences.
  4. Saving time getting started on the job search.
  5. Utilizing a free service.
  6. Building confidence for your job search.


Why not take advantage of this opportunity to learn about yourself and your potential?

Jennifer Cohen, R2W Webinar Host



Jennifer Cohen is an instructional designer and adult educator with over twenty years of experience working with a diverse population of learners. Jennifer’s background in technology training includes applications for the office, presentations, and the web.  She holds a master’s degree in learning technology and uses her passion for creative problem solving to help others understand complex concepts.


Career Exploration and Planning

Meeting Description:
Need a change but don’t know what’s your best   next career?  This free webinar is for you!  Exploring your options is the first step toward winning a fulfilling and lasting career.Let’s dramatically speed up the process!  Career Exploration & Planning is a 1 hour class showing you how to conduct your own evaluation in a fraction of the time.  Experts will show you how to use R2W’s innovative tools to quickly zero in on  jobs matching your career goals, while increasing  your interviews and job offers.

You might find the perfect job during the   class.  You will also learn how to get additional training and  one-on-one support from caring counselors.

Applying for the right job could last a lifetime.    It’s worth exploring!



Joe says:  “This webinar looks like a great resource for vets, as is R2W itself.”



Thank You!




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