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Mary Vaughn, Community Partner – Training

 Mary Vaughn, Community Partner – Training

Mary Vaughn
President of Metargy Inc. – Building Connections to Solve Problems www.metargymedia.com
Author of “The Gruntled Employee” www.TheGruntledEmployeeBook.com

Mary volunteered in several capacities at Project:  Return To Work Inc.  (R2W).

With over 35 years of management and consulting experience, Mary has applied her award-winning approach to successfully implement business strategies, improve performance and increase employee morale while working with numerous Fortune 500 clients, U.S. federal government agencies, and a variety of other businesses.

Several of her workgroups have won industry excellence awards and have been featured as outstanding examples at three industry research analyst symposiums.

Mary Vaughn is the author of “The Gruntled Employee” book, a holistic approach to creating success and happiness at work. Mary Vaughn is also the president of Metargy, Inc. which provides the following consulting services: personal coaching, leadership development, relationship management, organizational change, organizational culture, and governance.

Mary lives in Parker, Colo. with her family. She loves her job, hiking, skiing, dancing and board games.




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