Our Mission: Back to Work, Back to Life.

Day of Caring – 2016 Employment Expo – REVERSE Job Fair; Online Job Fair; Call Bank

Our 2016 Day of Caring events were a huge success this year.  Call 720-359-1541 for information about our next Reverse Job Fair, Online Job Fair, and Call Bank.


 – Reverse Job Fair –

Reverse Job FairFun Auction.
Stellar candidates.
Highest placement rating.

Volunteers (click here):  2 art auctioneers, 4 party assistants, and 12 ancillary bidders
Employers & Applicants:  Register here

At our typical job fairs, we recruit 1,000 veterans & 100 employers.  Our Reverse Job Fair reverses that ratio. Employers compete for veterans instead of the other way around.

September 9, 2016
8:00 AM Setup and Greetings
9:00 AM Opening Speech & Auctions
11:30 AM Closing & Follow Up
12:30 PM Foothills United Way Picnic

Space Donated By

Office Evolution
357 McCaslin Blvd Ste 200, Louisville, CO 80027

Employer Party
September 8th    6:00 PM

Donated By

– Online Job Fair –

Online Job FairEmployers – get your own virtual table – connect remotely
Well qualified applicants
Volunteers:  Seeking 4 IT Specialists  – bring your laptop
Employers & Applicants:  Register here

Hosted by

– Call Bank –

Call Bank

Last year, we called over 200 veterans;
a lot of lives were radically changes as a result.

Volunteers:  Seeking 15 volunteers – bring your own phone or laptop

 September 9, 2016

EagleOneCorp Logo

EagleOne Call Center volunteered to host this year’s Call Bank with their employees at their facilities.



2016 Employment Expo

Foothills United WayFor the past few years, Project:  Return To Work Inc.  (R2W) has partnered with Foothills United Way for their Day of Caring events.  It is the largest annual volunteer event in Boulder & Broomfield Counties.  Last year, several notable volunteers from the City of Boulder and other groups called over 200 veterans.  They radically improved several lives.

This year, we’re going to do another Call Bank plus an Online Job Fair and a Reverse Job Fair.

Our Reverse Job Fair is a fun auction that connects stellar candidates with hiring employers, focusing on IT and Sales careers this year.   At our typical job fairs, we recruit 1,000 veterans & 100 employers. Our Reverse Job Fair reverses that ratio. Employers compete for veterans instead of the other way around.  It involves considerably more time and effort to achieve these higher quality levels.

Reverse Job Fair Timeline
August 1:       Employer & Applicant Registration
August 15:     Interviews
August 30:    Select Final Candidates
September 8:     Employer Party
September 9:     Auctions

Our Online Job Fair is for all other employers and applicants.  R2W will provide easy-to-use virtual rooms donated by ReadyTalk.  We will also use advanced technologies donated by StaffCV to steer well qualified applicants to the employers’ virtual rooms.

Foothills United Way is recruiting and tracking volunteers again this year.  Office Evolution is donating not one but two locations.   EagleOne is volunteering substantial Call Center resources. Your Office Denver is donating Operators and other backroom support. ReadyTalk is donating the Online Job Fair.  StaffCV and Microsoft are donating advanced technologies making each event possible.  And other caring donors are making notable contributions to help our disabled Americans back to work, back to life.  Thank you!


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