Our Mission: Back to Work, Back to Life.

2017 Martin Luther King Jr Youth Day of Service

Office Evolution is donating their facility for this event: 4845 Pearl East Cir, #101, Boulder, CO. Thank you!  Members of the Youth Opportunities Advisory Board (YOAB) are hosting a Day of Service for high school age youth volunteers on Saturday January 14, 2017  from 12:30pm to 4pm.  R2W is being asked to work collaboratively with a high school age youth leader to implement the project and provide education and reflection at the volunteer site.

Students will contact 200 disabled Americans to let them know they have been matched with employers and we’d like to help setup interviews – radically change lives. Also, learn about R2W’s STEM Internship program.

After introductions and orientation, use printouts or electronic copies of applicants’ records to call them and encourage them to login and connect with R2W’s counselors for substantial help winning lasting careers with caring employers. Also, learn about R2W’s STEM Internship program. Students need to bring their laptops and cellR2

Under 18 must have parent’s permission and will be supervised by adults. Parents are encouraged to participate with their children.  Call 720-359-1541 to participate.


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