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Community Leaders – There’s No Place Like Home

by Rob Ray Brazell

  –  There’s No Place Like Home – 

“There’s No Place Like Home” – Rocky Mountain Airport

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I’d like to thank Mark Follett, Angel Flight Pilot, for returning me home after a recent mission in Utah. 


Winter Park Ski Area

Once again, we had a smooth flight all the way over the mountains.  We flew at various altitudes and patterns depending on Air Traffic Control (ATC) commands.  We flew much further south than past Angel Flights.  It was one of the most exotic and exhilarating views in my life.  Then as we flew closer to home we passed over Winter Park’s ski slopes.  Like a little kid, I was instantly filled with joy and curiosity.  What a privilege.

With Mark’s powerful Cessna 210 engine, we easily lifted up to 15,000 feet where we breathed pure oxygen through the airplane’s modernized cockpit.  It never ceases to amaze me how far avionics have come in just a short time.  Small planes have advanced instruments today that enable pilots to achieve extraordinary leaps in comfort and safety.

Mark Follett, Oxygen @ 15,000 Feet

Mark Follett is an amazing human being.  He spent most of his career working as a researcher in high technology but more recently decided to become an airline pilot.  Mark’s entire family is extraordinary and has given back to society in many ways.  They are imbued with the America Spirit and are true community leaders.

Mark Follett says, “I grew up in Boulder CO and have always enjoyed the mountain views from my back yard.  My dad helped me obtain my pilots license, in 1990, after he was diagnosed with cancer and could not fly his plane anymore.  I have taken many of my friends and family over this same route, as Rob flew on, and always receive the same response ‘What a wonderful view of the Colorado Rockies’.  It was my pleasure to fly Rob back to Boulder and get to know him and his organization during our short flight together .”

Mark Follett, Community Leader

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Steve Zimmermann, Angel Flight Pilot





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