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Community Leaders – Ashley King & The Long Haul

Rob Ray Brazell

For many years, pilots from Angel Flight West have flown me on missions to help injured military service members back to work, back to life (link to stories here). I would also like to thank Ashley King from Angel Flight Central (AFC) and Southwest Airlines “From The Heart” program for flying be back and forth between Colorado and Florida.

Like R2W, AFC operates a large volunteer force with just a small staff. Recently, I had to reschedule flights repeatedly. Ashley was always upbeat and accommodating even though it added a lot of work for her at a busy time. Above and beyond.
Brendan Sneegas, AFC Director of Outreach and Development says:Rob- 

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication, as well as trusting AFC with your travel needs.  It’s an honor to have you as a member of our family.  I am attaching some material that may assist you with your blog message and truly appreciate your willingness to share our mission with others.  The “heartbeat” of Angel Flight Central is actually our general aviation flights by volunteer pilots.  For 24 years, over 21,000 general aviation flights have taken to the air.  During that same period, we’ve assisted others on just about 5,000 commercial flights.  We are nearing 10 Million charitable miles flown since 1995!  We are honored to be chosen to facilitate Southwest Airlines “From the Heart” program, however the commercial tickets are only used when a number of qualifications are met. 

We are charged with assisting the residents within a 10-State region in the Mid-to-Upper-Midwest.  [Just] Five full-time staff are responsible for the outreach, recruiting and training of pilots, screening, coordinating and scheduling passengers, financial development and special events to fund the program, as well as facilitate the SWA ticket program (while supplies last).  We currently have 290 qualified and trained volunteer pilots who own/operate their small, general aviation aircraft and respond to our 2,200 flights a year.  We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (tax ID 43-1699607)

91% of our flights are to assist people with getting to/from medical care and treatment.  The remaining 9% is for “humanitarian efforts” that can include getting kids to special needs camps during the summer, assisting domestic violent victims reach family, and responding to national and national disasters.  6 out of 10 of our passengers are over 18 years old. 

On October 3, 2018, we were inducted into the International Air and Space Hall of Fame as a result of our impact on humanity through general aviation.  It was an honor shared by the past and present family of Angel Flight Central’s passengers, patrons and pilots. 

Let’s me know how else we can assist you!

Most Sincerely,


Brendan Sneegas
Director of Outreach and Development
Angel Flight Central

Please call me at 720-359-1541 for copies of AFC’s literature. 

As my Uncle Dale (WWII US Army) said about Angel Flight West when three small planes and three sets of pilots flew me from Colorado to Montana to give a motivational speech to injured soldiers returning home from combat in the Middle East, “It takes an Army to do what you’re doing.”  My   father   characteristically said, “They’re a rare breed.”






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