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Community Leaders – Good Neighbors

Rob Ray Brazell

Good neighbors are community leaders. I am grateful for those who have demonstrated so much loving support over the decades. Thank you!

Dale & Diane Tinline 
Port Charlotte, Florida

Karen Bordner & Don Ellis 
Boulder, Colorado.    


I’d also like to thank the Cornell’s for their role in “R2W House”, Ashely King at Angel Flight Central, and Tess Delke for playing the piano at our recent Awards Ceremony. Above and beyond.

Pete Cornell and Buddy

The Cornell’s have been removed from R2W’s list of Community Leaders.  They didn’t refund thousands of dollars of R2W’s rental deposit, even after we went out of our way to leave the property in better condition than we found it. 


Ashley King, Angel Flight Central


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Check back for a link to the story about Tess Delke.







1st Church of Christ Scientists, Englewood, Florida


Charlotte County Justice Center

Greg Lind, Farmers Insurance Agent


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