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Day Of Caring – 2020

Over the years, we’ve participated in many of United Way’s Day of Caring events.  It’s a tradition. 

This year’s event on August 28th will be entirely online because of COVID-19.  But we’re no strangers to technology. 


United Way canceled Day Of Caring in 2013 due to once-in-a-century floods.  But R2W stayed on course on the internet. While the National Guard airlifted R2W volunteers and respected citizens to safety, others were able to carry on online. 

It was one of our most impactful events.

Just Plain Very Hard


Former Chair, Project:  Return To Work Inc.  (R2W)


Thanks to magnanimous contributions from Safeway Foundation, StaffCV, Hurricane Electric, Microsoft, Greater Faith Community Church, Christian Science, and many others, we are hosting a fun and innovative job fair for 1,000 to 2,000 job seekers, 100-200 employers, and 100-200 volunteer mentors. 

Please sign up now so we have a little time to use our donated technologies to match up everyone.  We have demonstrated the ability to radically improve positive outcomes at previous events this way.  That way, on August 28th, the online event will be more about job interviews and sage advice from caring mentors than dropping off resumes.

Contact Form:  https://www.return2work.org/contact-us 

Thank you!

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Megan Stone
R2W Administrative Assistant

We need multiple types of volunteers.  Sign up now – this is a rolling (ongoing) event. 

What do our Volunteers do?  Here are just a few of our opportunities. We’re always in need of kind and talented individuals.  Tell us what opportunity appeals to you most and how you are qualified.  If you have an interest not listed here, please let us know!

  • R2W Level A MENTORS might be called upon to participate in an Employer Panel and/or to conduct ½ hour one-on-one sessions with applicants to review their resumes and talk about requirements for careers in your industry.   (The A Team).  Ask about all R2W mentorship levels from 1 hour to 5 years. 

Jon Voigtmann, R2W Mentor

  • CALL BANK VOLUNTEERS can call from home anytime that’s convenient.  Little training is needed for volunteers with good to excellent computer/internet skills.  

Fern Ballou
R2W Executive Secretary & Area Coordinator

  • STEM INTERNS drive our donated technologies and make a large impact improving the lives of others.  These opportunities are just for Advanced Program students in high school and college and require about 70 hours/semester.  Note: high performing students can earn a medal from the President of the United States of America!

Jordon Cole, R2W Volunteer Mentor & Former STEM Intern


Join one of our weekly online workshops to leap ahead (click here).  Engage caring professionals who will help you get good interviews at our online event on August 28.  Fast.  Free!

Troy Kaplan, R2W Administrative Assistant


“Top 5”

Post your jobs for free at https://www.return2work.org/contact-us.  We need very little information. We’ll screen applicants prior to our event on August 28th and send you good matches as they arise.  Then two days prior to our event on August 28th we’ll forward all your applicants and advocate the top 5 candidates.  At the event, we will spin off a private room(s) for you to interview any candidates you desire.

Scarlett Joy, R2W Administrative Assistant

Scott Reeves, R2W Job Developer

We only need:

  1. O*Net code (optional)
  2. Job Title (required)
  3. Job Description (optional if O*Net code)
  4. Job Requirements (optional if O*Net code)
  5. Pay (optional if O*Net code)
  6. Benefits (required)
  7. Part-time / full-time (required)
  8. Temporary / permanent (required)

Use our contact form to tell us about your job(s)!  https://www.return2work.org/contact-us

There is no cost to employers for this valuable service.  In return, we simply ask our partners to tell us who they interview and hire.


Beat COVID-19

Sign up now!

R2W Contact Form:  https://www.return2work.org/contact-us


Ask about R2W’s elite Employers Corps!


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