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Scarlett Joy, Administrative Assistant

Scarlett Joy, Administrative Assistant 

Scarlett originally hails from Upstate New York, but has called Boulder, Colorado her home since 1991. Fresh out of college, her first career – which spanned the course of 6+ incredible years – was as an Employment Specialist and community liaison for adults with disabilities.

At the close of her chapter with Boulder County’s Developmental Disabilities Center (now known as IMAGINE!) she invested many learning-filled years in the corporate world, gaining the emotional and technical tools to later thrive as an independent contractor for small businesses and entrepreneurs whose focus was and is on service models for the betterment of self and society.

Scarlett is inherently drawn to Project: Return to Work Inc’s innovative evaluation, training, and placement services. She believes the desire to know more, be more, and contribute more are fundamental human rights. It’s more than okay to be acknowledged for both our unique gifts and life challenges, and it’s never too late to be all we wish to be. The world is ready for us!


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