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David Koepke, STEM Intern

David Koepke, STEM Intern

David Koepke, STEM Intern

David Koepke, STEM Intern

David is a current student at Naropa University pursuing an undergraduate degree in Peace Studies.  In the past, he has worked in small business IT, the fringes of finance, and enjoyed a stint as a full-time taxi driver in Boston for 2 years.  David is also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps (0311 Reserve) and so understands some of what our disabled veterans go through after they leave service, especially since he and his friends had to navigate the obscure federal benefits system after they got out.  He’s learned a lot through this process.

Veolia Transportation, Inc announces Job Fair for Bus Operators and Mechanics

Register online at www.return2work.org for these and other related jobs nationwide.  Apply once, Return2Work will forward your application to all employers offering jobs you qualify for.

Veolia Transportation announces a Job Fair to be held from 10:00AM-2:00PM, Saturday September 24, 2011 at our location at 2775 S. Vallejo St Englewood, CO 80110.  This Job Fair will be featuring Fleet Maintenance and Operations positions. Veolia has multiple job openings.

Veolia Transportation prides itself on hiring the best and the brightest. Eric Biga, General Manager, says: “We continue to thrive and prosper by adding hard-working, engaging people with outstanding customer service and drive to our staff. If these qualities describe you, we would love to hear from you.”

Applicants are invited to come to Veolia Transportation to apply for all open positions from 10:00AM-2:00PM on Saturday. Interviews will be held immediately on site for qualified individuals.

Veolia is seeking qualified individuals with experience in customer service, fleet maintenance, and operations. Interested individuals are asked to bring a recent copy of the motor vehicle report, drivers license, and  your work history for the last 10 years, including the name, dates, address and phone number for each company you worked at and the name(s) of your supervisor(s)  Your school/college history with the name and address of each institution you attended. Please come prepared to complete a pre-screen interview onsite. If you are qualified you will interview with management immediately.

We will train qualified candidates how to drive a bus and be an ambassador to the public. Training lasts between 4-6 weeks. We have full time positions with competitive pay and benefits. Don’t miss this opportunity to join our team!

For more information on this event contact Jen Shaw at 303-350-5315 or Stephanie Rios at 303-587-5501.

Apply for these and other related jobs online at www.return2work.org .


WEBINAR: Career Exploration and Plan

Date: Wed, May 18, 2011
Time: 08:00 AM MDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Rob Brazell

Need a new career but don’t know your best option?
Then this 30-60 minute webinar is for you.

I will show you how to use powerful but easy to use tools to quickly determine your best career options based upon your interests, aptitudes, skills and experience. Then I will show you how to quickly draft your initial plan for various government agencies. I will also show you how to generate reports meaningful to other care providers and employers.

By giving you the ability to evaluate yourself, I am giving you the ability to substantially speed up the process while increasing the probability of positive outcomes. This webinar gives you the advantage.

Register Now

Kevin Mahoney, Executive Committee

Kevin Mahoney, Executive Committee


 Kevin Mahoney is a seasoned senior executive manager who has spent the past 35 years in the hospitality business focusing on investment, development, operations and overseeing the many facets of running a 3,000 employee-based company. Most recently he was the Chief Operating Office for Stonebridge Companies with prior experience as the Executive Director of Hotel Investments for Amstar Group; both based in Denver. Although not having served in the armed forces he comes from an extended family who has served and strongly believes in the unconditional support of our Veterans. Kevin lives in Boulder, CO with his wife Ellen, and have two grown children.




Ronald A. Cole, PhD

 Ronald A. Cole, PhD
Executive Committee

Ronald Cole, PhD, Executive Committee



Ronald Cole has written grant proposals for R2W since 2007 and was elected to the Executive Committee in 2011.  He currently leads R2W’s Grants Committee and is helping R2W team with lead educational and government institutions for client services and key research.

Ronald Cole received his undergraduate degree in experimental psychology from the University of Rochester in 1967 and his PhD in psychology in 1971 from the University of California Riverside.  He worked first at the University of Waterloo between 1970 and 1975 and in the psychology department at Carnegie Mellon University between 1975 and-1980.  In 1980, Ron moved to the computer science department at CMU to work with Raj Reddy and the CMU speech group developing speech recognition systems.  In 1988, he moved to the Oregon Graduate Institute where he established the Center for Spoken Language Understanding . While at CSLU, he obtained funding for and managed development of the CSLU Toolkit and over 20 different speech corpora ; these resources have been distributed worldwide to support research and development of human language technologies.  In 1998, Ron moved to the University of Colorado Boulder where he established the Center for Spoken Language Research with Dr. Wayne Ward.  Research at CSLR led to state of the art spoken dialog systems, the SONIC speech recognizer, the CU Animate character animation system, and over a dozen projects that produced virtual tutors and therapist that incorporate these technologies. Summaries of these systems can be found here .
Ron has published approximately 60 articles in peer-review journals and 150 papers in archived conference proceedings. He is the recipient of over $40 million in individual investigator awards from the NSF, NIH and IES. For the past 15 years he has led research projects that aim to create a new generation of learning tools that feature conversational interaction with virtual teachers and therapists. His work using a virtual tutor to facilitate vocabulary learning by children with profound hearing loss at an oral deaf school was featured on ABC TV’s Prime Time and the U.S. National Science Foundation’s home page.  In 2007, after 37 years as an academic, Ron left the University of Colorado to work at Boulder Language Technologies and Mentor Interactive Inc., two companies founded by Ron and Wayne Ward, with the goal of developing accessible and affordable tutoring and therapy programs for use by the general public.  Ron is currently chief scientist at Mentor Interactive and President of Boulder Language Technologies.



Professor Ruth Higgins Dameron, Secretary

Professor Ruth Higgins Dameron

Professor Ruth Dameron, Executive Committee


Ruth Dameron graduated from Wheaton College, Illinois, with a B.S. in mathematics and from Syracuse University with an M.S. in Computer Science.  She worked in software development and project management in industry for 15 years and was on the faculty at the University of Colorado, Boulder, for 25+ years in the Electrical, Computer, & Energy Engineering Department (ECEE).  Prior to her retirement, she co-supervised the senior-level team projects in ECEE and taught a senior-level course and a three-semester graduate-level series in software engineering as well as a freshman course, Introduction to Programming for Engineers.   She consulted in industry in areas of software development methodology and project management.  Ruth lives in Denver with her husband, Kirk.  She has successfully raised to adulthood her daughter, Joy, who has Bardet-Biedl Syndrome and lives independently in Denver.  Ruth plays a variety of folk instruments and is currently enjoying learning to play old-time banjo.

James Spencer, Employment Specialist

James Spencer

Employment Specialist

Jim Spencer


After a successful career in business Jim became disabled and found how difficult is for a person with a disability to find a job. This personal experience convinced him he had a responsibility to apply what he had learned in business to improving this situation. For additional preparation he returned to school, completed a Master’s degree in Administration and a Masters in Rehabilitation Job Services. This combination of experience and education in the profession has created  opportunities for him to work with clients with disabilities from the assembly line to the board room. In an effort to share what he has learned about the job search process in 2008 he published “Job Search 101.” Since then he has helped develop job service programs in several nonprofit organizations and been guest lecturer to  degree candidates in Rehabilitation Services. Career search is his passion. His motto is “Everyone deserves an opportunity to acquire and hold a good job. Disability should not be a factor.”

Shannon Petro, R2W Employment Specialist

Shannon Petro, R2W Employment Specialist

Shannon Petro pic

Shannon joined the R2W team as one of their AmeriCorps VISTAs in November of 2015.  She is very passionate about helping veterans and serving in the AmeriCorps program.



Nathian Myers, R2W Employment Specialist

Nathian Myers, R2W Employment Specialist & Job Developer

Nate Myers proNathian Myers is an Employment Specialist & Job Developer, bringing employers and applicants together to network, inspire, inform, and share. Whether it’s finding a solution for a employer or applicant he is always finding a solution to help those in need. Nathian has a great deal of experience as an entrepreneur working with veterans, scientists, disabled, and IT consulting for the past 16 years. Nathian also holds an MBA and is currently pursuing his PhD while working as an Employment Specialist & Job Developer.”


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