Our Mission: Back to Work, Back to Life.


Project: Return to Work Inc. (R2W) identifies client abilities, interests, aptitudes, and other key factors to derive meaningful tasks that will engage the client. R2W’s service programs are rooted in the underlying principle that people should work on tasks they genuinely enjoy doing. That basic ideal brings out client resiliency and achieves lasting placements in rewarding jobs.

R2W provides specialized vocational rehabilitation, employment services, and entry into a nationwide employer network to help you transition back into the workforce. R2W helps you connect the dots by using advanced technologies that produce faster, more accurate information resulting in more positive outcomes – employment that lasts.

Once a client is registered for R2W’s services, he/she will receive continuous support from R2W’s caring and personable Career Counselors.

R2W is able to offer our client services free of charge due to charitable grants and donations from many generous organizations, foundations, and individuals.