Our Mission: Back to Work, Back to Life.


Project: Return to Work Inc. (R2W) uses advanced technologies, methodologies, and a highly accurate online evaluation process to help clients explore the jobs they enjoy doing most. R2W incorporates a process of evaluation, training, and placement-based career counseling services to assist our clients with returning to the workforce.


Client evaluations can occur in person (where available) or via the Internet through our Web-based Standard Online Vocational Evaluations (SOVE). This psychometric profiler asks the client questions in a creative way and assesses client aptitudes and preferences. This evaluation, or work preference profile, only requires an hour or less of the client’s time. Once complete, a short evaluation follow-up will occur with a R2W counselor. Finally, the client and counselor will complete the Individualized Employment Plan (IEP). The plan identifies the client’s career goals, personality traits and interests — along with traditional factors such as work experience — in order to match them with potential employers. R2W utilizes a full array of industry evaluations complying with VA, DOL, DOE, DVR / DOR, and SSA performed by professional Career Counselors


Learning and skills enhancement needs are identified during the evaluation process and recommendations are made toward enrollment in vocational programs, higher education, and/or internships like R2W’s Service Learning program. Additional career counseling and training services offered by R2W include resume critiques, successful interview / presentation strategies, business and career etiquette, and more.

Service Learning

Service Learning is generally comprised of a 1-3 month internship with a real employer or in a simulated work environment, typically 1-4 hours per day and 2-4 days per week. By working on tasks of genuine interest to the client, Service Learning brings out the client’s natural resiliency to provide a learning incentive and interim step to regular employment. The process enables clients to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful with a prospective long-term employer. The employer is able to orient the client to their particular work environment while assessing the prospects for continued employment of the client.


R2W career counselors use advanced technologies to match individuals with a large network of employers and use various other employer research and networking tactics. The client’s counselor will continue to prepare their client through resume preparation and mock interviews before actual employer interviews occur. R2W’s ultimate goal for each client is placement in a lasting employment position.