Our Mission: Back to Work, Back to Life.


Project: Return to Work Inc. (R2W) combines advanced technologies with a highly trained staff who will help fill your positions with honest, dependable, and hard working employees. We look forward to working with you to achieve your organization’s employment needs.

We provide different services for different tiers of disability.  At Tier 1 and 2 (no or minor disabilities), we will present you with competitive applicants.  At Tier 3 and 4, we are seeking employers who are interested in mentoring injured warriors and disabled civilians through stabilization and transition via our unique Service Learning Internships.

Please post your jobs with us via our Contact page-click here.  We might be able to glean what we need from your website.  Show your Corporate Social Responsibility and make a donation to cover part of the cost – click here

Tier 1 & 2:  We can quickly respond with a list of matching applicants from about 8,500 in our database.  If you’ll give us a couple weeks, we can follow up with the top 10 and prepare them for your interviews.  And if you’ll give us a month, we can recruit and prepare new applicants who are genuinely a good fit, saving you both time and money for higher quality applicants.

Tier 3 & 4:  volunteer 5 hours/week with other professionals for 5 months – 1 year.  1 injured warrior at a time.

Please encourage your employees to volunteer – click here.  Please also consider joining other community sponsors making R2W’s mission so successful over the past 20 years! 

Please Click Here to discuss the many benefits to your company.