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Privacy Policy

Return2Work Privacy Policy Overview

Return2Work is committed to protecting the privacy of our valued clients and website users. We will use our best efforts to ensure the information we collect is dealt with in strict accordance to this Privacy Policy.

Personal Information We Collect

1. Personal information you decide to provide R2W as a Job Seeker
2. Specific career details and skills you decide to provide to R2W as a Job Seeker
3. Personalization Cookies

1 and 2 – Personal and Career Information you provide as a Job Seeker

As a website user or job seeker (“Job Seeker”) visiting this site, you may choose to provide personal information to us, including, but not limited to the following information about you:

• Name
• Address
• Telephone numbers, email address, or other contact details
• Information relating to your personal skills
• Information relating to your career skills
• Education history and qualifications
• Employment history
• Awards and achievements
• Professional memberships and affiliations
• Hobbies, interests, and other memberships and affiliations

We collect this information from you so that we may directly search on it from our database.

3 – Cookies

This site uses a feature on your Internet browser called a “cookie”. Cookies are small files that your Web browser places on your computer’s hard drive. We use cookies for remembering your name, login details, and preferences, but not passwords. Cookies help us provide you with an easier and more enjoyable use of the site.

Use Of Job Seeker Information

• We shall ensure that access to any and all Job Seeker information is only made available to the appropriate people within our company, that are required to facilitate the actual recruitment process.
• We will not use any Job Seeker information for any purposes whatsoever other than to facilitate the recruitment process.
• We will not use any Job Seeker Information for any marketing or any other promotional or information gathering functions not directly related to the recruitment process.
• We will not provide any Job Seeker Information to any other individual, company or government body or organization whatsoever, except as required by law.
• We will do all things and provide all assurances to the best of our abilities that the Job Seekers Information is kept secure and safe, and is not mistreated or used in any way whatsoever other than for the sole purpose of recruitment.

StaffCV Passport

Our careers website is powered by StaffCV (www.staffcv.com). StaffCV incorporates a “Passport” feature which allows users to log in to any other StaffCV-powered careers website and have specific “Passport” fields automatically populated for them. These fields include but are not limited to: First Name, Last Name, Address, Phone Numbers and Uploaded CVs. When a “Passport” field is updated in one StaffCV-powered website, it is automatically updated in all other websites that the User has previously joined. Users can delete their details from any one StaffCV-powered website using the Tools | My Account menu option, or all their details from all StaffCV sites using the Tools | My Account | Delete my bfound Recruiting Account option here.

Data Security

All your personal, career and any other information you enter on the site is encrypted using industry standard 128 bit encryption technology before being sent over the Internet to be saved in our database. When We access your information from our software, We are also searching and retrieving your data using the same SSL technology. For more information on this encryption service, you should visit http://www.thawte.com.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to our privacy policy at any time. We will advise you of any changes by sending you an email.